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.The main object of the Trust is Educational, Social Development, Rural Development, charity and Religious and To provide different types of Smart Computer Education Courses to poor, needy student of different part of our country at the very low cost. The course of Smart education are design for the youth, poor, needy people who help them to made them self-independent and self-employed.
.To empower and propose Education, Social Development & Rural Development and for undertaking other charitable and religious activities for the benefit the public.
Construction and running of Schools, colleges, University, Institution, hospital, education institutions, hospital, free dispensaries, Centers for Orphans, Health awareness camps(AIDS & Polio), social services and poor feeding and provide homes for the aged for the benefit of the public.
.Providing for grants, scholarships, fellowships and other forms of financial assistance to the needy and deserving students for pursuing education, vocational training, skill development etc.  And To co open & run centre and hold classes for adult education, technical tailoring, sewing, embroidery & Handicraft etc.

.Granting of financial assistance to any educational institution for granting scholarships, prizes, medals, awards for excellence in studies, sports and scientific research, distribution of books and note books for poor and deserving students.
.Establishment, conduct, maintenance of clinical laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries and institutions of similar nature and providing financial assistance to the deserving persons for medical treatment, in any medical institution.
.Providing financial assistance for performing and feeding the poor directly and through other institutions.
.Establishment, conduct, maintenance of old age homes, homes for physically challenged men, women and children and persons with similar disabilities and also for granting financial assistance to institutions performing similar activities.
Grant of donation to any Temple and other places of worship and  or religious institutions.  However, the Trust shall not undertake any religious activities.

.Providing for or contributing to education and scientific research and development.
.Providing relief to the poor and advancing any other object of general public utility.
.The Trust will not carry out any activities with the intention of earning profit and will perform with service motive only.
No activities of the Trust will be carried out outside India.
.To provide Education to the working and street children in 6 to 14 group by both formal and non formal education.
.To create opportunity of imparting moral education for children so as to make them active, responsible and faithful citizen of the nation.
.To improve quality of education by preparation and uses of innovative learning material and adopting scientific teaching techniques and technology through remedial education classes.
.To educate and empower communities to fight against injustice, oppression subjugation and gender discrimination.
.To Establish and run Shelter cum rehabitation home/centers for aged, widows, destitute, working girls and orphans coming from various segment of society.
.To prevent environmental degradation and create ecological balance though motivation, training a forestation and other field based activities.
.To organize seminar, workshops, exhibitions, excursions and other capacity building devices related to the sectors to health, sanitation, community awareness development and ecological and environmental protection for people and professionals.
.To help the poor and needy student in from of educational material, health care services, scholarship and other incentive.
.To maintain, establishment and run gymnasium, physical education or cultural institution. Centers and organize various kinds of events related to athletics, Sports and culture. 
.To impart education on martial arts among children, youth and women for promotion of self defense, eldership, discipline, team sprit, sportsmanship and sacrifice to the social welfare.
.To popularize science and technology in the community.
.To raise funds by receiving donations, subscriptions from the members and public and financial aids from the state, central or foreign governments, local bodies, financial institutions, corporate bodies and Autonomous Bodies.

.To establish, run and mange and maintain school/colleges and others educational institutions with an object of providing and affiliation from the educational departments and concerned government authorities.
.To establish shorthand, beauty culture and other professional training subjects.
.To promote literary, cultural, educational and other social related issues by awareness programmes, lectures, educational classes, compactions, quizzes, exhibitions, symposium, seminars, workshops, press conferences etc.
.To arrange and organize religious processions including festivals, plays, get together and celebration.
.To organize medical blood donation and general health checkup for the benefit of general public.
.To publish essays, posters, pamphlets, articles, journals, magazines, periodicals and other publications in different languages for the propagation of the aims and object of the society and also publish souvenirs’.
.To create awareness and sensitize youth on different developmental issue.
.To provide personality development and life skills development training to young people.
.To organize rallies, tracking, mountaineering, marches for youth with some specific social based cause including environment protection.
.To work against corruption.
.To establish the sangeet kala Bhawan and public theatre for importing education relating to sangeet kala to children and adults.
.To organize seminars of sangeet kala, art and culture.
.To organized volunteers for construction of road, rest camps for convenience of the deities, worshipers by doing social work.
.To lay out develop, construct, build, erect, demolish, re-erect, alter, repair, remolde or do any other work in connection with any building or building scheme, road highways, docks, ships, sewers, bridges, canals, wells, springs, dams, power plants, ports, reservoirs, embankment, tramway, railways, irrigation, reclamation, sanitation improvement, water supply, gas/electricity light, telephonic and power supply works of nay other structural or architectural work of any whatsoever for such purpose.
.To purchase, acquire, take on lease or exchange or in any other lawful manner any area, land, buildings, structures, and develop, dispose of or maintain the same of building township, markets or other buildings, or conveniences thereon and to equip the same or any other part of thereof with all or any amenities or conveniences, drainage facility electric telephonic, telegraphic, television installations and deal with the same in any lawful manner.
.To provide the welfare of employees or ex-employees of the centre and their families, developments either grant of money, pension allowances or in any other manner whatsoever.
.To subscribe, contribute or grant money for any national charitable benevolent, public, general or useful object or fund for any exhibition but not amounting to contribution to any political party under any circumstances.
.To appoint agent sub-agents, dealers, distributers for any selling the products manufactured at the trainer and production centres. To organized and promote road safety awareness programme.
.To provide service of crane for traffic.
.To establish and run education institutions such as formal school, polytechnic, IIT etc.
.To undertake research and education projects related to the problem of consumers.
.To take keen interest in the youth affairs covering rural and urban areas across the country.
.To develop infrastructure of developmental activities.
.To educate the people on the ill effects of alcoholism, smack and other drugs by way of awareness generation programmers/projects.
.To educate and motivate the people on device and services related to child spacing, family welfare and primary health care etc.
.To make aware about the importance of vote.

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